When Stunts Go Wrong: Concussions in Cheerleading

There’s no doubt about it—cheerleaders are athletes, and continuously face the hazard of enduring a sports activities concussion Cheerleading. Whether tumbling or stunting, cheerleaders continuously put their our bodies at hazard of injury.

It’s estimated that there are up to 3.8 million worrying intelligence accidents every 12 months in the US. Many of these accidents come from activity and leisure activities, and extra than a fifth of the worrying intelligence accidents sustained in the US every 12 months come from youngsters and teenagers.

Rates of Sports Concussion in Cheerleading

While American soccer continues to convey in the most sports activities concussions in the United States, many research agree that cheerleading is simply at the back of the rough-and-tumble address sport.

Cheerleaders who tumble throughout the subject or courtroom are additionally at hazard of a sports activities concussion in the tournament that they fall. While both female and boys can preserve concussions, ladies are extra susceptible. Female youth and youth have looser ligaments and longer necks than boys, which can motive the had to snap returned rapidly in response to an surprising force.

How Cheerleading Handles Concussions

Like many expert sports activities organizations, USA Cheer has developed tips to assist cheerleaders and coaches understand and as it should be deal with concussions.

Signs of a Sports Concussion: What Parents Need to Know
It’s vital that parents, coaches, and cheerleaders are on excessive alert for signs and symptoms of a sports activities concussion.

Signs that a cheerleader may also have sustained a concussion can include:

Problems with memory
Difficulty concentrating, consisting of struggling to comply with alongside with before widely wide-spread routines
Changes in sleep patterns, along with each slumbering too a good deal and napping too little
Feeling foggy, struggling to take into account general information
Issues with dizziness and balance
Blurred vision
Sensitivity to mild and noise
Nausea and/or vomiting

Behaviour or character changes
Untreated concussions can lead to long-term issues that can be tough to treat.

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