The gaming beast gets prettier, grittier

Asus rog laptops had been synonymous with hardcore gaming and the brand’s strix scar series is the perfect example of that portable gaming beast that gamers want. The scar 17 has constantly looked appropriate and been effective. Now, the new 2022 refresh comes with intel’s twelfth 19 gen ‘alder lake’ cpu and different powerful specifications to suit.

But is that sufficient with a view to don’t forget the new strix scar 17? Need to this be your first gaming pc or your next upgrade? Or need to you pass it? Discover in our complete overview beneath.

The aesthetics are what most people will word first about any asus rog computer, and matters are no unique here. This computer is a metal-frame tank with solid build great and rgb lighting all over. The according to-key rgb and under-keyboard lighting honestly assist set the gamer vibe in a room and look beautiful in a dark putting. You get lots of the crucial ports inclusive of the energy one on the again, that’s continually extraordinary while you want a setup with minimal or no cables protruding the facet. Rog has also applied new customisation capabilities here which include the ‘armour plate’, that is a replaceable nook near the hinge that you can customise on your liking.

The lid additionally comes with a massive rog brand, unsurprisingly rgb as properly. But, the lid is also incredible quick on choosing up fingerprints and smudges, so the extra you deal with this laptop, the greater you’re going to need to maintain it smooth.

Keyboard and trackpad 

Typing and gaming have both been enjoyable experiences on Asus ROG laptops for me, and the experience was no different here. The Strix Scar 17 has a good keyboard, with the keys well-spaced out for a gaming laptop. You get a full-size keyboard here and if your gaming or other use-cases include the numpad, you’ll be pleased with this one. Good travel and per-key RGB support are also nice to have. For the serious gamers, there are also some macro keys on the top-left.

Performance, gaming experience and battery life

The Asus ROG Strix Scar is a beast when it comes down to running the games. The 12th Gen i9 and RTX 3070 Ti GPU together are powerful enough to run most games at max settings and with configurations this high, you will also be able to tune games to your liking, rather than sticking to what your machine ‘can’ run. This is top-notch performance right here.

ROG Keystone support

While I didn’t use the ROG Keystone to its full potential, this is a handy tool/feature to have. The little red thumb drive. The physical key allows Asus ROG users to store their hardware profile and settings like macro-key configurations and carry it wherever they go. These settings can then be replicated on another keystone-compatible ROG laptop by simply inserting the keystone into the slot.

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