Russia Imposes Heavy Fine on WhatsApp, Snapchat Over Data Storage

Russian regulators have imposed a heavy fantastic on messaging platforms WhatsApp, and Snapchat for failing to store Russian users’ statistics on local servers. The Russian state communications regulator, Roskomnadzor filed the criticism against these two messaging platforms, according to AP.

A Moscow court docket has imposed a fine of 18 million rubles ($300,000), and one million rubles on WhatsApp and Snapchat respectively.

As per the reports, the government has been ordering each the companies WhatsApp and Snapchat, to store Russian users’ private data on servers. However, WhatsApp repeatedly refused to localize Russian users’ data. As a end result of which, this messaging platform received its first Russian fine of four million rubles back in August 2021.

Also, earlier on July 12, a Moscow court docket imposed a penalty of two million rubles on Apple, as it denied to store Russian users’ personal information on servers in Russia.

Other fines imposed by the Moscow court

The Moscow company has been imposing fines on various companies and services over data issues. A fine of one million rubles (Rs 12,73,148.80) was imposed on Ookla and Zoom video communications that run the speedtest, an internet tool, over data storage. Similarly, even Airbnb, video streaming service Twitch, and Pinterest have to pay a fine of two million rubles (Rs 25,46,297.59) under the same law.

Russian court fined Google for failing to remove banned content

Even Google was fined by a Russian court for not deleting the content that was prohibited in Russia. The tech giant had to pay a penalty of more than 21 billion rubles (Rs 26,73,61,24,695). As per Sputnik, the fine imposed on Google is around 10% of the company’s revenue in Russia.

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