I quit my job as a Netflix engineer making $450,000 a year. The money wasn’t worth the boredom.

I started working at netflix as a senior software program engineer in 2017 after leaving my process at amazon. I was satisfied to get a advertising and return domestic to the bay region. On the time, i thought i’d live with netflix for all time. I made $450,000 a 12 months, were given free food each day, and had unlimited paid time off. It changed into the huge tech dream. Once i left almost four years later in may 2021, everybody notion i was loopy.

My mother and father have been the first to item. For them, my quitting changed into throwing away their difficult paintings of immigrating to the usa. My mentor changed into the second one to object. He said i shouldn’t give up without every other task coated up because i would omit out on leveraging my high income while negotiating my pay at the following job. Their feedback made me pause for all of three days before i spoke with my manager about leaving. 8 months later, i’m confident it changed into the right selection.

Once i started out operating at netflix, i loved it working at netflix become like getting paid to work on case research you find out about in mba programs. They made the memos for every product decision available for all personnel to read, and i learned so much every day. Over the next years, the shine began to wear off. The initiatives and meetings blended together, and that they felt like small variations of each different after some time.

The engineering work began to experience like replica and paste. Then covid-19 came about. The workplace close down, and all my preferred parts of labor — the socializing, the coworkers, the perks — disappeared. The most effective issue left was the work itself, and i didn’t enjoy the paintings anymore. I desired to have a larger effect. For me, identifying a way to allocate engineering assets changed into more relevant to my career goals than the engineering paintings itself, and that i wanted to transition into product management to steer those efforts.

As a result, i spent years networking within netflix and applying for every product-manager function i ought to find. None of my tries panned out, and i used to be nonetheless doing the equal task. The problem changed into that netflix did not have any methods in vicinity to assist horizontal position modifications like this. I’ve by no means visible an engineer efficiently transition to product management at the corporation.

In the direction of the end of my process look for the product-supervisor function, i lost motivation and attention now that transitioning into the pm role changed into out of the query, my high revenue felt like an an increasing number of bad deal. When i began at netflix, i used to be making money and continuously studying new matters. Now, i used to be simply making a living, and not using a career development.

My team’s dreams additionally started to diverge from my profession goals. The crew centered on an engineering migration, wherein we had to move from one on line machine to any other, at the same time as my hobbies veered towards entrepreneurship. The paintings i was doing failed to help me examine the enterprise talents i wished. It began to sense like i used to be repeating the equal career mistake i might made at amazon — staying in a process that wasn’t a outstanding match longer than i ought to have. My motivation waned, and my performance waned with it.

I have become less engaged in conferences, minimized doing paintings no longer applicable to product management, and dragged my toes on communication. My most effective motivation on the cease become trying to not get fired. The crew targeted on an engineering migration, wherein we needed to move from one on-line gadget to every other, even as my pastimes veered in the direction of entrepreneurship.

The paintings i used to be doing failed to assist me study the commercial enterprise talents i needed. It started to experience like i was repeating the same profession mistake i’d made at amazon — staying in a job that wasn’t a remarkable in shape longer than i must have. My motivation waned, and my overall performance waned with it. I became less engaged in meetings, minimized doing paintings not relevant to product management, and dragged my feet on conversation. My only motivation at the end become seeking to not get fired.

Lamentably, my manager started out to notice. In a heated performance overview in april 2021, he said i had to be extra engaged inside the group’s engineering migration and be greater communicative. In his words, i needed to improve in those areas “if i needed to stay on the crew.” covid-19 modified my outlook on work i used to be working at a prestigious company making a good dwelling for myself. It’s difficult to surrender a profits — some thing tangible — for intangible such things as your children and it slow.

However i couldn’t shake the expertise that many people had lost their lives in the course of the pandemic. I used to be removing my goals of becoming an entrepreneur, and covid-19 turned into a constant reminder that i won’t be here the next day to pursue them. I used to be scared that my tombstone could study: “here lies michael.

He spent his life doing work he by no means wanted to do. Relaxation in peace. The longer i stayed at netflix, the extra the risk the tombstone would be my truth. My time at netflix became coming to an end i spent two weeks after the overall performance overview thinking about my subsequent steps and determined to have a candid speak with my supervisor. In a one-on-one meeting with him, i proposed that we discuss a “preemptive severance package deal.” i informed him: “my performance is declining because my motivation is declining.

My motivation isn’t enhancing due to the fact the team’s goals diverge similarly from my career desires. What if we mentioned a preemptive severance package deal out of netflix now rather than drag this on? That manner netflix saves cash, the crew finds a better fit faster, and i’m able to go do what i need.

A win-win for absolutely everyone.” after he mentioned this with human resources, i had a final assembly wherein netflix agreed to preemptively terminate me, and that i received my severance package. Life after netflix i notion my existence could be over after leaving netflix.

I was worried that i’d haven’t any social lifestyles, because it had formerly revolved round work. However the contrary came about. I have met greater humans via beginning my very own business — other entrepreneurs, writers, and creators.

I now feel a deep calmness inner me, an unshakable perception that the whole thing will be ok, even if any destiny success is not guaranteed proper now. It’s been 8 months considering the fact that i quit my job at netflix, and i’ve decided to devote fully to running for myself. Although i’m simply beginning and have no reliable streams of earnings yet, i am going to agree with the procedure that if i do work that energizes me, desirable things will show up.

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