GTA 6 – What We Know About Rockstar’s Next Game and it’s MEGA Features

There are a lot of secrets hidden in the world of Grand Theft Auto. There are also a lot of secrets buried within the minds of its creators. That’s why we don’t know anything about GTA 6 yet. But that doesn’t mean we’re completely in the dark. Thanks to some cunning leaks and insider intel, we have a fair idea about what Rockstar might be planning for their next open-world game – or games. Let’s take a look at everything we know so far about GTA 6:

Release Date

The most important question about GTA 6 is when it’s coming out. Rockstar Games have yet to make an official announcement about their next game. So there’s no specific release date. But we can make some guesses based on previous release trends. Rockstar’s last GTA release was in 2015. It was GTA 5. That game was originally released in 2013. It’s been three years since GTA 5 came out. It’s also been two years since Red Dead Redemption 2 came out. It’s likely that Rockstar will want to space out these releases more evenly. That suggests that GTA 6 might come out late 2020, or sometime 2021.

GTA 6 Setting

The GTA series has always been an ever-changing and eclectic mix of settings. So far, we’ve had fully modern and futuristic settings, as well as a 1950s setting. There’ve also been visits to places like London and Tokyo. But what about next time? Well, there are quite a few rumors about the setting for the next game. – Miami: The obvious thing about setting GTA 6 in Miami is that it’s a city that has never been used before. There’ve been lots of rumors about a Miami setting for GTA 6. – New York: New York is another obvious choice. It’s a city that has never been in GTA. There’s also a chance that Rockstar could be looking to bring the game back to Liberty City, the city that was featured in GTA 4. – London: London has also been rumored as a setting for GTA 6. This could be an interesting way to bring the series more into the modern era. – Tokyo: The other big game setting rumor is that GTA 6 will be heading to Tokyo. Again, this could be a modern take on the GTA formula that’s more like a hybrid of GTA and Yakuza. – New Orleans: Another option is New Orleans. This city was featured fairly heavily in the first Red Dead Redemption game. It’d be an interesting setting for GTA 6.

New Features

There are a whole host of new features that could come to GTA 6. One of the most important new features is likely to be multiplayer. The first GTA game to feature multiplayer was GTA Online. That came out in 2013 as an add-on for GTA 5. Since then, GTA Online has become a huge success. It’s by far the most popular game mode in the series. There’s no reason for Rockstar to keep it as a standalone mode. It’s likely that GTA 6 will include a full-blown multiplayer mode.

GTA Online 2

Speaking of GTA Online, there’s also a rumor that GTA 6 could be something of a GTA Online 2. This would mean that the game would be more of an expansion pack for GTA Online. That game has been around for more than five years now. It’s likely that Rockstar could be looking to update the game with a brand-new version that builds on the existing formula. The other big new feature could be VR support. The first GTA game to include VR support was GTA 5. That game was released in 2013. Since then, VR has come along way. It’s likely that Rockstar would include VR support from the start with a new GTA game.

DLC Plan For GTA 6

One thing that we know for sure about GTA 6 is that it’s going to have DLC. There’s no way that Rockstar would release a full-blown new game without any DLC. We don’t know what the DLC will look like for the new game. But we can make some guesses. GTA Online has been updated almost constantly since it first came out. It’s likely that the GTA 6 DLC might follow a similar model. The other obvious DLC option is new story missions. These are likely to follow the same pattern as GTA Online. They’ll probably be smaller, more bite-sized pieces of content compared to the single, huge story of the main game.


There’s a lot that we know about GTA 6. GTA 6 is almost certainly coming out, although we don’t know when. There are a lot of rumors about the setting for the game, including the obvious choices like Miami and New York, as well as less obvious choices like Tokyo and New Orleans. There’s also a lot that we know about the new features that will come to the new game, including a full-blown multiplayer mode that could be something like GTA Online 2 and new VR support. There’s also a lot we know about the DLC plan for the new game, including that it will be smaller and bite-sized compared to the single, huge story of the main game, and that it will be similar to GTA Online.

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