Diabetes Health Apps You Can Download

It’s a tricky disease condition when it comes to diabetes. Because your minute change in lifestyle easily affects your blood glucose level. But thanks to technology, fortunately there are numerous diabetes health apps with various features to help you keep up with this never ending disease.

Diabetes demands continuous health management, and hence all the diabetes health apps mentioned below have various features you will need for Diabetes management. Although not all apps have all the features, you can expect one app to have enough features according to what you need. Have a look at them.

Diabetes health apps for diabetes management

BlueStar Diabetes

One of the best Diabetes health apps

Key features

  • Free app
  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Maintains all your health record including blood sugar level, carbs level and lab results
  • Can update your health worker about your reports


  • Keeps record of your blood glucose level
  • Schedules diet and suggests recipes
  • Reminds you about medication
  • Keeps your health care provider updates


  • Only available for 17+ users
  • You need code access from your healthcare provider

BlueStar is the best health monitoring app for patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. If you are a working person, who is busy in office work but still needs assistance in managing your diabetes. Then BlueStar is the best option

It will give you reminders for your medications, record your blood sugar level, and plan your eating schedule. Healthcare providers prescribe this app to the patient’s so that they can stay in touch with the patient’s health condition. And can give immediate advice in case of emergency.

Medical ID Diabetes health app

Key features

  • Free as well as premium version available at $6
  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Separate tool to store emergency information like allergies, medications, blood group, organ donor, emergency contacts
  • Displays medical updates from your lock screen


  • Best for emergencies as you can access it through lock screen
  • App can automatically share location with your emergency contacts
  • Already available on iPhones
  • Gives information about nearby hospitals


  • It includes all health conditions, not just diabetes management
  • You need premium version to access better features

This app is extra about maintaining you secure for the duration of fitness emergencies be it diabetes or any other situation. You select your emergency contacts and this app sends emergency notifications to the ones contacts. For instance if you get into hypoglycemia wherein you can not contend with yourself, then most effective upon one faucet you can send notification on your emergency contacts and they could reach out to you. Note: this app isn’t diabetes specific only, it has other clinical conditions alternatives additionally.

My fitness pal

Best health app to track your nutrition

Key features

  • Free as well as premium version available
  • Premium version ranges from $20 per month to $80per year
  • Available on Android and iOS both
  • Activity and meals charting
  • Personal guidance on the basis of health data and goals
  • Community feature to support each other
  • Diet plans
  • Carbohydrate intake monitoring


  • Database available up to 14milliin of food
  • You can scan your food from phone
  • A separate dedicated space for workout and recipe ideas
  • In detail information related to micronutrients
  • Collaborates with upto 50 applications


  • Premium version is expensive
  • Works only with internet connectivity

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