5 Patient Healthcare Apps that Everyone Can Use

The usage of healthcare apps has significantly increased in the past five years. This is a good sign since it indicates that people have now started to prioritize their health. Patient healthcare apps help to manage health in a better way with their various features, functions, and tools. Out of thousands of options, here are 5 patient healthcare apps that everyone can use.

5 patient healthcare apps that everyone can use

Medisafe Pill Minder– As the name suggests, this app’s primary objective or task is to remind the users of taking their medicines on time. Available both on iOS and Android, it also comes with features like management and appointment alerts for doctor visits.

It has health measurement trackers as well. The paid version is available for an affordable price and allows for an ad-free experience along with additional measurement tools and notification sounds. You shall never forget to take medicines with this app working for you round the clock.

Medical ID– This app is no less than a lifesaver for its unique features and functions to help users. This app is free on Google Play Store and the premium version would allow the users to create multiple medical profiles to be stored on the phone.

The profiles will be accessible from the phone’s home screen and allow the viewer to look at important medical data on the patient including allergies, blood type, medical contacts, etc. Thus, the emergency staff or medics will be able to see the essential information before starting the treatment.

This app will share your GPS location with all of your emergency contacts even if the app is closed. It is one of the best apps to have on your smartphone should you suffer a sudden medical emergency but are unable to communicate information or issues about your health.

MySugr– Sometimes it is better to have a dedicated tool to track a specific health concern. MySugr does just the same. It is meant for people suffering from diabetes.

This app is developed by people who also suffer from diabetes. Since they know what entails the ailment, it will be able to offer better help to other diabetes patients as well. It has a lot of features to monitor every aspect of diabetes and its management. MySugr ensures easier and simpler management of diabetes.

It can be connected with a blood glucose meter to ensure correct data transfer. It allows setting personalized views and goals along with feeding diabetes data into the app which can be shared with the doctors who use the RocheDiabetes Care Platform. It is a secure online diabetes management system that lets the healthcare team optimize the patients’ diabetes therapy.

MyFitnessPal– This is arguably one of the best apps to keep track of one’s health. It is available both in Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It has a desktop version as well. This is a tracker for fertility, activities, sleep, food logging, mindfulness, etc.

Users can set activity or weight goals, create mean plans according to them and then sync the app with their fitness tracking watches and devices. The paid subscribers will get premium services like detailed reporting, including food macros and downloadable logs that they can send to their healthcare service provider.

There is a huge online community for this app’s users to get advice and support related to weight loss or management. This app is perfect for everybody who needs a change or wants to make a change of even one habit in their life. This app helps to comprehend how better habits can be inculcated and set realistic goals according to it.

Verana Vision Test– As evident from the name, this app is for testing vision. It is available for free on Apple App Store. The users do not even have to sign in to access the app. This app was built keeping visually impaired people in mind. It has been validated by various ophthalmologists through successful demonstration.

It helps to keep track of the vision. It uses a visual acuity algorithm to test the vision. The results will be recorded on the app to be shared with the physician when needed.

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